‘Explorers of the Beat’

CD & Vinyl, Released on Bluelight Records February 3rd, 2023.

‘The Norton Spirit’ Combined Vinyl & CD EP package, released April 2013 on
Bluelight Records.

On A Live Mission’ on CD, DVD and limited double-LP, released November
1st 2013 on Bluelight Records.

“Best Dawn Yet” Released 26 October 2012 on Blueleight Records.

“Billy Ruffians” Released 7 September 2012 on Bluelight Records.

“The Tunnel” – The Blue Cats (1992) Also re-released in 2013 by Bluelight records as an extended album to include the 4 re-mastered G-Man tracks.

Different Breed” – Beltane Fire (1985)

The singles and 12″ extended mixes taken from the “Different Breed” album in 1985.

“Gotta Go” by The G-Men (1982) Re-released in October 2012 on Bluelight Records

“Fight Back” – The Blue Cats (1981)

The “Wild Night” and “Love Me” singles taken from the “Fightback” album in 1981.

The “Blue Cat Trio” Album. Released in 1980 by Rockhouse Records under the name, “The Blue Cats”

The 2 Red Hot Records EPs released in 1979 – “The Blue Cat Trio” and “Tony & The Tennessee Rebels”